Niskayuna High School
Class of 1969 Reunion

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36th Reunion
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VIDEO - 36 mins





Joan Goodman, Steve Rockwell & Laura Miklowitz

See more 45th Reunion photos in our Facebook gallery!


45th Reunion Committee Members: Laura Miklowitz and Bonnie Hanna Newman (co-chairs), Dave Doolittle (webmaster), Dale Siegel Nemer,
Beth Rowland McLaughlin, Janet Erlach Willie, Nancy Friedman Ross, Lee Chalmers, Mike Kokernak and Keith Warren.
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DICK CAVETT wrote about attending his own high school reunion. Read his amusing observations.

Reunion Videos!
Featuring the Barrons and their backup singers, the Barronettes!
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John Lowen produced a superb video of our 36th reunion. See it here.

See the 40th Reunion Photo Gallery of our Sat. Dinner/Dance.
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The Friday night party pics are in this gallery...enjoy!

A Post-Reunion Letter from Bonnie Hanna Newman:

I know our Class of 69 is a most unique, talented and special group. Once "clicky" to some extent (like any high school group since the beginning of; now all grown up and barriers dropped!

Friday night's Meet and Greet drew around 100 people at the Water's Edge ....great conversation, laughter, caring, hugging, listening, enjoying each other; new and old connections made.


Saturday night was a dinner/dance at the Mohawk Country Club, featuring the old Nisky band, "The Baron's". They played so well together and drew the praise of all who were there. The "class act" band: Keith Warren, Fred Spezza, David Jaffe, Bob Fairman, Bob Maslyn, Gene LeMoyne, and singers Beth Rowland McLaughlin, Laura Miklowitz, and Joan Goodman. (Hope I didn't forget anyone!) More than three hours of an awesome 60's "hand picked" playlist was provided by Dave Doolittle. Dave also took tons of pictures and videos, soon to surface on (the website he created for us all to enjoy!) Note: The video of us singing our Alma Mater is already on You Tube; watch it if you dare! And if you are really daring, you can even leave the sound on!

Photo by Mark Lawry

Classmates came from California, Washington (state) across the map and as far as England! Yes, our own exchange student, Visco Matich came all the way to Schenectady to celebrate with everyone! (ok, he was from New Zealand yet ended up in England!)

Laura is gracious enough to chair the upcoming 45th and 50th (with lots of great help!) so highlight your calendars for 2014 and 2019! It could transform your world!

Love to all,



I remember when I found myself the only one left in my immediate family,
back in 1994 and thinking that only I carry those memories from years gone by.
I then realized that many of my old school friends were there for those memories
as well. That link is precious.
-Bonna Hanna Newman, Orlando FL

Thank you so much for sending this e-mail. I went on the website and enjoyed looking at the pictures. Some people haven't changed at all, and some have.
I've resisted coming to the reunions because I don't have a spouse and am not a dancer, but it looked like everyone was having so much fun that I might put my reservations aside and show up for the 40th. Why is it that the reunion is a larger number than my age (or at least the age I think I am)?
Thanks again for all the hard work. Connections are important and you've done a great job keeping us linked together.
- Barbara Stocking
Rancho Cordova, CA

Sorry that I wasn't able to join everyone for the reunion, but the photos look as though a great time was
had by all. Regards to all and kudos for a great job!! I still see Carol Godlewski and we were both sorry
that we were not able to make the event. Perhaps we can be there for the 40th. It would be nice to
reconnect with old friends again.
- Linda Stanczik
Albany, NY

Once again, thank you for the the hard work that went into producing our reunion. It was a remarkable experience for me and I shall be back. I know it certainly was a homecoming for me. I have never felt so welcome and so solid within any group. I will be eager to see in the future where we all get to and now have something to measure myself against. Thank you so much. It meant so much to me.
- Crystal Dickerson
Cayucos, CA

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Note: View a video of us singing this at our 40th Reunion.

Niskayuna, our guide through the days and years,
We’ll follow thy footsteps forever.
Hold high thy bright lanterns of courage and truth,
Lead us onward in every endeavor.

Niskayuna, while seasons roll on into years,
We cherish each memory anew.
Alma Mater, thy council and wisdom prevail;
To thy name keep our hearts ever true

Words by Jane Titus, ‘61

A note from Laura:
I love how at this point in our evolution, we are drawn to one another with true affection and unconditional acceptance. Lo those many years ago, we were so aware of our perceived 'differences', now we realize how much we have in common and how much we share. It has been a pleasure and privilege being/staying in touch with so many of you over the years.