Niskayuna High Class of 1969's 36th Reunion

Our class held its 36th Reunion June 2005. Why 36th? Plans for the 35th never worked out, so we forged ahead with a "better late than never" weekend, June 18-19th. Our first get-together was held Friday at "Pinhead Susan's" in downtown Schenectady; then we met again for a dinner/dance Saturday at The Desmond Hotel in Albany.
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P1010257.JPG P1010258.JPG P1010259.JPG P1010260.JPG
Ken Meyer, Ken Rohr, Pete Walker Judy Lindy Ruthenberg, Bob Ozarow, Janis DeLorenzo Verderose John Lowen & Scott Nielsen Gil Allen & Irma Habesch Allen
P1010261.JPG P1010265.JPG P1010266.JPG P1010270.JPG
Mike Eagan, Joe Battiste & wife Bonnie Hanna Newman, Steve Sandroni & Nancy Morgan Sandroni Laura Miklowitz & Scott Nielsen Laura Miklowitz & Beth Rowland McLaughlin
P1010273.JPG P1010276.JPG P1010277.JPG P1010282.JPG
Janis Delorenzo Verderose Beth Rowland McLaughlin, Richard (Rollier) Askew, Kevin McLaughlin Audrey Dodge Osterlitz & Jill Goddin Edwards Janis Delorenzo Verderose & Richard (Rollier) Askew
P1010285.JPG P1010287.JPG P1010289.JPG P1010291.JPG
Ken Rohr & Leslie Gold Laura Skinner Davis, Irma Habesch Allen, Gil Allen & Crystal Dickerson Bonnie Hanna & Laura Miklowitz Fred Spezza
P1010297.JPG P1010294.JPG P1010295.JPG P1010335.JPG
Jill Goddin Edwards, Laura Skinner Davis, Bonnie Hanna Newman 20th Reunion Poster 30th Reunion Poster Amy Neuhaus Davis & hubbie, Irma Habesch Allen & Gil Allen
P1010336.JPG P1010337.JPG P1010338.JPG P1010339.JPG
David Schell & wife Diane, Kathy Neuhaus VanIlderstyne Nancy Morgan Sandroni, Steve Sandroni, Bonnie Hanna Newman Nancy Niedrach Fidler & Laura Skinner Davis Bonnie Hanna Newman & husband Doug
P1010340.JPG P1010341.JPG P1010343.JPG P1010346.JPG
Laura Miklowitz & Scott Nielsen Jill Goddin Edwards, Susie Rinella Imgruth, Margaret Sauter Mazzanoble Laura Miklowitz & Scott Nielsen Bonnie Hanna Newman & husband Doug, Elinor Levine (Nielsen)
P1010347.JPG P1010349.JPG P1010351.JPG P1010352.JPG
Debra & Jay Tucker, Leslie Gold Ken Meyer & Rick Vidal (Laura Miklowitz' husband, Class of '68), John Lowen David Jaffe & Rob Gaynor Janet Erlach & Laura Miklowitz
P1010353.JPG P1010354.JPG P1010355.JPG P1010358.JPG
DJ Jill Goddin Edwards & husband Monty, John Lowen Bonnie Hanna & hubbie Nancy Niedrach Fidler & Elizabeth Allen Craig
P1010359.JPG P1010360.JPG P1010365.JPG P1010367.JPG
Jill Goddin Edwards & Janet Erlach Willie John Lowen, Scott Nielsen, Laura Miklowitz Scott Nielsen & John Lowen E. Levine (Nielsen), Fred Spezza, Laura Skinner Davis
P1010368.JPG P1010370.JPG P1010371.JPG P1010375.JPG
Janet Erlach Willie, Laura Miklowitz & Scott Nielsen Jay Tucker, Janet Erlach Willie & Laura Miklowitz Amy Neuhaus Davis, Janet Erlach Willie & Laura Miklowitz John Lowen & Elizabeth Allen Craig
P1010377.jpg P1010378.JPG P1010362.JPG
Nancy Morgan Sandroni & Ken Meyer Laura Miklowitz, Laura Skinner Davis, Irma Habesch Allen Saturday night at The Desmond Hotel in Albany

All photos by Dave Doolittle.
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