36th NHS Reunion Photos - Gallery2 - Meg Ryon

Click on first photo to see an enlarged version, then just click the large photo to advance to next one. Thanks to Meg Ryan for these! Some need help with names; if you know, please email Dave Doolittle at macmancape@comcast.net to fix those captions;thanks!

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Scott Nielsen and Kevin McLaughlin Scott Nielsen and Kevin McLaughlin Janis DeLorenzo Verderose,Margaret Sauter Mazzanoble. Joe Batiste, Janet Erlach Willie
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John Lowen, Laura Miklowitz, Dale Siegel Nemer, Judy Lindy Ruthenberg, Nancy Friedman Ross Scott Nielsen, Pete Walker, Kevin McLaughlin, Ken Meyer Mike Eagan & son
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Jim Curtain and Pete Walker (?),Margie Slater Steffes, Fred Spezza Beth Rowland McLaughlin, Janet Erlach Willie, Jackie Newman
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Bonnie Hanna Newman & Ken Rohr Brian Houlihan and Rick Vidal (Class of '68) Nancy Morgan Sandroni, Jackie Newman, Steve Sandroni
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Dale Siegel Nemer & Kevin McLaughlin Nancy Friedman Ross Ken Meyer, Pete Walker, James Curtain
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Brain Houlihan, Janis DeLorenzo Verderose, John Lowen Nancy Morgan Sandroni, Laura Miklowitz, Irma Habesch Allen, Gil Allen Janet Erlach Willie and Mike Eagan
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Margaret Sauter Mazzanoble, Jill Goddin Edwards Jill Goddin Edwards, Laura Miklowitz,, Margie Slater Steffes, Janis DeLorenzo Verderose, Janet Erlach Willie Beth Rowland McLaughlin & Kevin McLaughlin
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Dale Siegel Nemer, Richard (Rollier) Askew, Brian Houlihan Debbie & Fred Spezza Scott Nielsen & John Lowen
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Steve Sandroni, Nancy Morgan Sandroni, Bonnie Hanna Newman Irma Habesch Allen, Dave Doolittle, Gil Allen Nancy Morgan Sandroni. Bonnie Hanna Newman, Steve Sandroni
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Mike Eagan Audrey Dodge Osterlitz and John Lowen Dennis McCafferty (Class of '68) & Beth Rowland McLaughlin
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Scott Nielsen & Kevin McLaughlin Irma Habesch Allen, Mike Eagan, Gil Allen Kevin McLaughlin & Dennis McCafferty
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Bob Ozarow & Janis DeLorenzo Verderose Dave Doolittle & Laura Skinner Davis Mike Eagan and Margaret Ryon
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Jill Goddin Edwards and Richard (Rollier) Askew Audrey Dodge Osterlitz and (husband Rick?) Dave Doolittle and Bob Ozarow
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Richard (Rollier) Askew, Beth Rowland McLaughlin and Kevin McLaughlin Audrey Dodge Osterlitz and Jill Goddin Edwards John Lowen, Videographer- where's that video, John?
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The Battistes and Kevin McLaughlin Jill Goddin Edwards and Pete Walker Leslie Gold, Ken Rohr and Dave Doolittle
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Rick Vidal and Laura Miklowitz John Lowen andBeth Rowland McLaughlin Dave Doolittle and Ken Rohr
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Fred Spezza and Richard (Rollier) Askew The Lowens and Beth Rowland McLaughlin Audrey Dodge Osterlitz, Kevin McLaughlin, Jill Goddin Edwards and Laura Miklowitz
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Laura Miklowitz and Mike Eagan John Lowen and Laura Skinner Davis Bonnie Hanna Newman andBeth Rowland McLaughlin
Beth and Joe Batiste